Are you looking for a bank owned / REO apartment building in South Florida

With prices of apartment buildings staying high in

South Florida, with asking prices based on cap rates of 7% or less, more and more investors are turning to bank owned apartment buildings for their investments.

Although harder to come by than other types of REO investments, Bank owned apartment buildings are usually priced significantly lower than non-REO apartment buildings. Some REO apartment buildings could yield as much as a 20% cap rate!

Types of REO Apartment buildings available

Any type of apartment building can become an REO at some point in time. The following are amongst the ones that might become available in South Florida:

  • Duplex
  • 4 unit buildings
  • 8 unit buildings
  • 12 unit buildings
  • Large apartment buildings (20 units or above)
  • And more...

Finding a Bank Owned Apartment Building in South Florida

Finding a bank owned apartment building in South Florida is not an easy task. We use a combination of our relationships with different banks and financial institutions and our unique research methods in order to identify the property that will match your investment needs.

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